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We hard a hard drive failure on our webserver and I hadn't backed up the data in a LONG time so most of this page is extremely out of date. Please be patient while we rebuild our website. We have recently installed a 3.4kw Solar Array and make all of the electricity we use and then some. I hope to get updated pictures of my Electric Truck, my progress on my Electric motorcycle and my redesigned Human Electric Hybrid (mostly in design stage now)
So sit down, put your feet up (it's allowed here) and order the house special:
A Cyber-Latté ( they're virtually fat free :-) )

What's New?

Fixed the Woodburn 2000 electric drag races page.
Updated photos and construction details on my three wheeled Human Electric Hybrid (HEH).

Links to my Family

*BrokenPolly: My best friend, a lovely lady, my wife*Broken
*BrokenEmma: She's either an Alien from outerspace or my Daughter, you decide*Broken