Computers and Linux

My favorite operating system, by far, is Linux. Currently my favorite distribution is Red Hat, but I've used Slackware (my first experience with Linux back in 1992, downloaded off the Wizard's Lair BBS), Yggdrasil(my first CDRom version of Linux), Mandrake and Denebian in the past.
I bought my very first computer in 1980, it was a Cosmac Super Elf from Quest Electronics. This was enhanced version of the Cosmac Elf computer, a DIY single board computer described in Popular Electronics magazine in 1976 (IIRC). There was also an Elf II computer that was popular back then. The Cosmac Elf computers used an CDP1802 cpu and came standard with 256 bytes of memory (that's NOT a typo, 256 bytes = 1/4K) and were programmed in either Binary (Cosmac Elf) or Hexidecimal (Elff II and Super Elf). I eventually added the memory expansion board which added 4K of memory and an S-100 bus. Then I added a Gremlin color graphics card.
For those of you who want a laugh, try out the Cosmac Elf simulator
I next bought a ZX81 kit, unfortunately it was a kit designed for the UK and was incompatible with US TVs (most of the early computers used TVs for a display). I never did get it to work right. I then bought a Commodore Vic-20, another mistake. Then I bought an Atari 800XL because I'd heard that the Commodore 64 was just and upgraded Vic-20.
I had a lot of fun with that old Atari. I once typed in the code for a Windows style operating system. I got it out of a German magazine (I was station at Ramstein at the time) and when I finally got it up and running it was in English.
My first MS-Dos based computer was a Wang Laptop. It ran both Wang's os and MS-Dos (mostly). Neat laptop, it had a built in thermal printer. After that I just started buying parts and putting my own PCs together. I think my next computer is probably going to come from Dell or Gateway though, it's hard to beat their prices these days.