Human Electric Hybrid

I spent a lot of time developing and discarding ideas for a simple, lightweight pivot to support the handlebars. Finally it dawned on me to use the headtube from a bicycle.
One of the local bike shops was throwing out an old frame, so they gave it to me. I cut off the headtube with some short sections of the downtube and toptube, I then welded this to a piece of angle iron (with lightening holes drilled in it).
This assembly is then bolted to an aluminum bracket that is in turn bolted to the frame.
You can also see the bellllcrank welded to the steering collumn. The drag links have since been modified from what is shown here, I have addeed a long nut between the bellcrank and the drag links. This was needed because the drag links still hit the bottom of the seat when going over large bumps.
The drag links are made from 1/4" rod that is threaded at both ends. 1/4" heim joints are then mounted to both ends of the drag links. This arangement allows flexability of the drag links and toe-in adjustment of the wheels.
Here is a view from the front.
Once again here is the steering knuckle. You can see here the other end of the drag link with it's heim joint.

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