Looking for Nemo near Okinawa

Today I decided to go searching for Nemo to see how he was doing.

First I went and looked around the Ocean for him

Hmm, nope! I don't see him. Perhaps I should ask around a bit.

First I checked with his Aunt and Uncle,
but they hadn't seen him in weeks.
Next I asked Dory.
She suggested I ask the Turtles.
Only I couldn't find any Turtles,
so I asked Bloat.
He said I should ask Gill.
Gill though he saw him on the Reef
near Horseshoe Bay
I didn't know where Horseshoe Bay was
so I asked a passing Lion Fish.
He knew right where to look.
But it turns out it wasn't Nemo,
just his cousins Leroy and Sam
I guess I just have to look for him again next week :-)