Monsters of the Deep!

In today's episode our intreped hero enounters several of the ocean's more notorious "Monsters" ... and some pretty fish

One of the first things I came across during today's first dive were a couple of sharks hiding out in a series of caves trying to avoid the dozens of divers in the water.

Shortly after this I noticed one of the numerous, and poisonous, Lion Fish

As I was taking his picture, I noticed a large "rock" nearby moving. Turns out it was this guy heading for a hole to hide in.

He might not look like it, but he was big enough to spill over the edges of a dinner plate (Yum).

On the second dive of the day I came across one of his buddies on a different part of the Reef. This guy was even bigger than the first.

If you'll notice the orangish brown struture to the right of his eye, that's his funnel, or siphon, opening and closing as he breaths.

After that I came across several interesting looking fish

Clown fish get very aggressive when guarding "their" anenomea.

Then I noticed the little tyke swimming around in the anenome (Open up the middle picture).
Maybe Mom, or Dad, was just trying to protect Junior from the big scary intruder.

Well, that's it for today's episode. Join us next time as I try to get a good photo of a Sea Snake.